Bigga Soft Drinks

Jamaicans by our very nature are indeed unique. This is expressed in every aspect of our culture- the way we speak, dress, eat and the things we do. We keep the world captivated and always looking in our direction, expecting more. For everything we do, we strive to always dream, think and act Bigger! And so from the creativity of our people came our very own drink... BIGGA.

Bigga for Jamaicans, has always been aligned with nationalism stemming for its local production and as the sole 'soft drink' made locally by a Jamaican owned company. More specifically, Bigga is the flagship brand of the Wisynco group and so the product has a history fostering a strong sense of patriotism among Jamaicans. Our customers are proud of Bigga- truly Jamaican, truly embraced.

Each bottle of Bigga bears a little tropical flavour, sprinkled with the Jamaican vibes and this is why, since 1995, Bigga has experienced continuous growth in the Jamaican market. With initial flavours such as Ginger beer, Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Cram Soda, Grape, Jamaica Kola and Orange, Bigga has fused a little bit of Jamaica (and its fruits) in each bottle. In 2009, Mango and Pomegranate joined the Bigga family, adding other Jamaican favourites to a well- loved line of beverages. Bigga's pomegranate and mango will therefore continue the trend of fusing flavour with national fervor... Yes we're thinking Bigga!

Bigga's flavour is also captured in Diet Bigga a sugar- free formula, which maintains Bigga's taste but is great for the calorie conscious. Launched in 1998 Diet Bigga is currently available in 3 flavours: Jamaica Kola, Pineapple and Ginger and are sugar free alternatives suitable for diabetics.

Bigga like the Jamaican motto " Out of Many One People" brings together a host of varied flavours under the Bigga umbrella, so no matter your taste preference, there is a Bigga made just for you!

Bigga Soft Drinks

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Bigga Soft Drinks 591ml

Bigga Soft Drinks
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Bigga real Jamaican flavoured soft drinks

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