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Hundred Dragons Special Gunpowder China Green Tea 250 Grams

Hundred Dragons Special Gunpowder China Green Tea
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Hundred Dragons Special Gunpowder China Green Tea - 250 Grams

Gunpowder is so called because the tea leaves are rolled by hand into tiny pellets that resemble gunpowder in appearance, this tea is grassy and fresh-tasting. The tea is best in the late afternoon with bold tasting foods, as it cleanses the palate nicely. In Arab countries, Gunpowder teas typically are blended with mint for those countries' famed mint teas. Gunpowder tea is a great choice when choosing a green tea that complements numerous dishes.

Green tea is the palest in color, ranging from light green to light yellow in color. Green tea is not oxidized; the leaves are steamed or baked immediately after being plucked. They are then rolled and dried allowing the leaves to remain green in color. Green tea is made from both new buds as well as young leaves – “pluckers” take ‘two leaves and a bud’.

Green tea, which is unfermented tea, remains the most popular tea in Asian countries such as China and Japan. In fact, up until the eighteenth century, it was also the most popular form of tea in Britain as well.

About ninety percent of the world's green tea is produced in China. While most of the world's black tea comes from countries such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Kenya, Indonesia and Argentina, these countries produce little, if any, green tea. Several hundred varieties of green tea are made in China alone. Some of the most popular include Gunpowder, Hyson, Imperial Green, and Gyokuro (Japan). A cup of green tea is generally much lighter than other teas. While Asian cultures have believed for centuries that green tea has properties beneficial to human health, modern science is just now discovering that this may be true.

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