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Kids Organics Organic Conditioning Relaxer System with Scalp Guard 2 KITS

Kids Organics Organic Conditioning Relaxer System
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Shea Butter 
  • Carrot Oil
  • Soy Protein 
  • Vitamin E 
  • Cholestrol 
  • Tea Tree Oil
Price: £6.79
Points Price: 2,830.0

Kids Organics Organic Conditioning Relaxer System
with Scalp Guard
Value Pack — 2 Complete Kits — REGULAR

Système Défrisant Revitalisant Biologique
Contient du ScalpGuardTM
Sans Soude. Enfants. Contenu 2 applications complète

Mums - you want a relaxer for your daughter's hair that is truly gentle, non-drying and beautifully straightens, whilst keeping the hair healthy and manageable. Africa's Best is giving you what you want ... plus a whole lot more!

New & Improves Kids Organics is fortified and enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Plus many more organic conditioners and moisturisers are added to help to protect and strengthen your daughter's hair during the entire relaxing process.

The extra gentle formula delivers superior straighhtening whilst helping to repair, re-build and restore the hair's elasticity and softness. Kids Organics leaves hair with a healthy shine and silky smooth feel.

Kids Organics ScalpGuard:
For added protection - creates a protective barrier around the scalp, guarding against irritation and damage

Organic Conditioning Olive Oil Relaxer and Activator:
A creamy, smooth conditioning and moisturising formula that is ultra gentle with superior straightening

Organic Conditioning Olive Oil Neutralising Shampoo:
An ultra gentle shampoo that protects your daughter's hair by helping to remove relaxer residue. This rich, creamy shampoo contains a colour indicator that changes colour to let you know when the relaxer cream is completely removed

Hair Nutrition Olive Oil and Protein Enriched:
A natural botanical blend of conditioners and moisturisers that penetrate to help to strengthen and moisturise relaxed hair

Detangling Moisturising Hair Lotion:
This shea butter and olive oil enriched formula is super detangling to help to prevent breakage and reduce tangles. Your daughter's final step to silky. soft, manageable relaxed hair

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